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Reviews from students

Nicolette is a natural healer, as well as a very insightful, kind and nurturing person. Along with several sessions of hypnotherapy, I had the opportunity to join a Vision Quest group on the Big Island of Hawaii--truly an illuminating and inspiring experience! I highly recommend her to those seeking healing and self discovery. ARIEL


Nicolette was great and it was a really good experience. Be honest about your situation and see if Visionary Healing processes can help you! CHEZ


I have learned so much from Nicolette with life coaching sessions to explore myself and help redirect my thinking in a much more positive outlook of myself and my life. She is such a positive person, a great listener, and focused directly on the issues that can be hard to see. I highly recommend her for past and present concerns in your life.



Nicolette is a powerful healer and knowledgeable spiritual teacher.  I have attended my first Vision Quest led by Nicki and have undergone numerous personal sessions including transformational hypnotherapy, parts-conflict resolution, and huna kane.  I highly recommend taking a class with her to deepen your spiritual learning. JULIE


I had no idea what to expect as I've never even thought about embarking on a journey like this before... but my intro session was a beautiful breath of fresh air ~ literally! I felt like I was just spending a leisurely afternoon with a warm, caring, patient, curious, intuitive, empathetic, encouraging, non-judgemental new friend. SUSAN


I left my visit so relaxed & overwhelmed with a sense of calm, clarity, positivity, accomplishment & overall well being. I'm looking forward to what we will discover together in my upcoming sessions & also building upon the awesome blue print we created today...I couldn't be happier that I decided to go for it & do something proactive to get my normally blessed life back on track after more than a year of feeling derailed...many Mahalos Miss Nicolette for being so cordial & welcoming! MARK


I appreciate the time you took explaining what to expect during the session & also after my appointment. The best thing has to be that you actually delivered on the agenda you set for us! Not only am I looking forward to next week's "time line" session ~ but I'm also more excited about the future than I've been in a long time! u rock! RHONDA




Nicolette is fiercely committed to guiding you in ways that will increase the power of your personal potential & talent 

We will explore the secrets of how you can begin implementing powerful principles  that manifest wisdom. 

From the desk of Nicolette:

“My path became clear to me at an early age. My friends would always come to me for advice and guidance.


I would  listen to their story, tell them what the deeper or hidden issue was.


  Then we would figure out a way to learn from it, clear it and receive the value to go forward in a new way. "

  • Transendental Meditation Reno NV 1973

  • Travelled around world through India. Visited sacred sites 1976

  • Licensed in Massage therapy in 1977

  • Advanced Study: 

  • Shiatzu, Touch for Health and Swedish massage, Ventura, CA 1977

  • Vegan Meal preparation Training, Ventura, CA 1977

  • Energy Meridian Healing, Telluride, CO 1978

  • Sailed to South Pacific from Panama to Costa Rica, Galapagos Marquesas, Tahiti and Tuamotus 1978-1982 (circle of reef islands with lake like center. Boats can anchor inside in calm 12-30 feet of water)

  • Advanced 6 month training in Shiatzu, Kauai HI 1983

  • Past life regression, Hilo, 1984

  • Personal audience with Sat Thakar Singh Meditations of Light and Sound HILO, HI 1985

  • Babaji Temple Hilo, HI 1985 Took trainings in rebirthing, healing breath mechanism and releasing deep seated suffering 1985

  • Studied with Leonard Orr, Father of modern day rebirthing, Louisa Schillaci rebirthing, and recreation processes, underwater birthing of babies by Marilyn & Bill Rogers 1986-89

  • Lama Tensin  Tibetian Monk Clearing Karma Retreats in Kona, HI 1986-1989 

  • Creative visualization, chanting, crystal work, Reiki 1989

  • Attended 3 years of 10 day silent Vipassana Meditation in Wood Valley, Big Island. original meditation taught by Sidhartha Gothic Buddha

  • Studied with Sandra Michael, Angel healing, Kofutu meditation symbols, Past life regression in warm ponds, healing emotional wounds trapped in the body, forgiveness of self, body mapping, higher self alignment trance state induction. Dance of creation, inner child healing 1990-1993

  • Attended over 200 hours of training in Hypnotherapy Winnipeg, Canada

  • George Naiopi, Kumu  and Kumuhula in Kona Mentor and elder I had the privilege of learning from 2000

  • Aunty Margaret Machado Teacher (Kumu) of Lomi Lomi  Ancient Hawaiian Massage2000-2001

  • Aunty Emma, and Aunty Mary, Kumu and Kahus  (spiritual practitioners of Hawaiian Kahunas) 

  • Attended 4 Level I classes in Kona HI , and Level II class in Ho’o Pono Pono with I’Haleakala (Leu Yen) Kumu and Kahu  in Volcano Park HI 2001-03

  • Trained in depth with Gayle Thackray Reiki Master Oahu 2014-2016



  • Practitioner / massage therapy from 1977

  • Day long and weekend long classes since 1988

  • Retreats of 7-21 days since 1993

  • On going practice of sessions & hypnotherapy training since 1995

  • Facilitated Vision quest retreats since 1996

  • Took over 35 people through 2 year intensive training 1998-2000

  • Facilitated classes in Oahu since 2014



Edited Image 2016-03-07 23-54-43

I have lived in Hawaii since 1982. Raised my kids in Kapoho on the Big Island.  They are now 32  & 30

Moved to Honolulu in 2004 with my new hubby. Have a huge garden and raise cockatiels in my yard.

My 5 acres in Kapoho was covered by 60 feet of lava last year on June 3, 2018

My son lived there at the time. 

We plan to build a pole house in the air on top of the new lava land, plant coconut & papaya trees.


We will have a new ocean view!

Heal your own emotions first, then you can help the right people heal themselves in the right way for the right reason


Nicolette Von

Text: 808-228-1969


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