Healing the Breath Mechanism

Practitioner Training

Multiple Health Applications

February 1, 2 & 3,2019

March 1, 2 & 3  

April 5, 6, 7 2019

First week of the month.

Friday Night 7-9 pm Saturday and Sunday 9-5 pm.

One weekend a month for Three months.

One hour lunch break.

You will learn many traditional styles of breath therapy and experience the benefits in class. 

Breath therapy unlocks deep seated emotional trauma, anger, grief, stress, specifically from the body's memory banks. The information then can be learned from and wisdom can develop as the old feelings can move into a more appropriate place in the past.  


Trigger reactions, shock, overprotective reactions to everyday issues

resolve themselves as the wisdom of the experience is focused upon and the trauma allowed to be released through the breath.

Fully oxygenating the body with breath therapies also has the effect of enlivening the brain and body with more energy, a refreshed feeling of joy and happiness and can actually rejuvenate cells.
Breath therapies you will learn to do as a treatment, and practice in class include:

  • Learn how to give Breath Therapy on the floormat

  • learn how to manage Breath therapy in groups

  • Breath Therapy on the beach

  • Underwater Breath therapy using snorkel and mask

  • Hoo'pono pono breath technique

  • Learn many Meditation breathing techniques throughout the world

  • Ha breath from Hawaiian Huna Kane

  • Visioning breath work for future goals and dreams

  • Re-creation process - Releasing birth trauma

  • Using breath work for regression into past lives

  • Breath therapy in preparation for actual birth for pregnant women

60 hour training. Advanced program for those who want to support clients and groups in healing of breath mechanism.  
Friday Night 7-9 pm Saturday and Sunday 10-4 pm. One weekend a month for Three months.  One hour lunch break. 


  Please wear soft comfortable clothing, soft shorts or pants. Bring a mat, two pillows and a small blanket or large towel for your comfort. 

Bring a lunch or bring something to share at "potluck light lunch" such as veggies or fruit dishes, garden salads, veggie soup, desserts and refreshments. 

Certificate given at end of class after test and 10 hours group practice after training is complete. You will bring a friend

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