The Huna Kane philosophy has many answers of how to release physical and emotional pain, while receiving personal widom from the experience. All positive change in behavior, beliefs and attitudes happen emotionally or unconsciously, and present themselves as issues in the physical body. The longer the issues are ignored or repressed, the bigger the symptoms become.

Your conscious, or mental thoughts can only analyze, judge, try to figure it out, criticize, and protect. Your thoughts may want to change, but …..A person can only fully transform when the body emotionally learns the lesson of wisdom being offered.

A paradym shift occurs.

Huna - “That which is hidden or not obvious. What is deep within self or an inner knowingness.”

Kane – “ The spiritual Essence and source of wisdom for the individual soul, higher self, greater self, or super conscious mind.”

Certified practitioner trainings are now available in Honolulu for the first time.

This Certified Huna Kane Practitioners Training will teach a wide variety of effective skills. Students will learn to create a powerful series of sessions unique to each client.


This gives a Huna Kane practitioner the opportunity to work with the same person over and over again and build a rewarding professional practice while experiencing tremendous success.

Huna Kane sessions help you get in touch with what counter-productive belief, thought or emotion is ready to be brought up, learned from and then finally and fully released with love. A new way to feel based on better choices or beliefs can be accepted quite easily. 

Other feelings, beliefs and thoughts based on love for self and acceptance of truth begin to calm down and detoxify the body. The immune systems own intelligence is activated. Choices are easier to make about what changes you may need to make in your lifestyle or relationships. Your actions and feelings become more congruent which brings true peace of mind and heart into your life.

Huna Kane practitioners apply the principles of the Hawaiian Dance of Creation (a special hula), a trance state induction (transformational hypnotherapy), and an intuitional meditation (universal symbol system) for spiritual connection.  It is applied to the body (similar to a laying on of hands) as a head to toe massage.

The client uses the Hawaiian "Haaa" breath to release the negative states coming up to clear. This process directly connects you to your best and highest interests.

The massage feels like gentle rocking while spirals of energy moves through your body and breaking up painful emotional patterns. As your body clears, a resourceful state of being emerges. You learn what you need to learn deep inside. 

You are finally able to resolve specific issues passively, in the privacy of your own subconscious mind as you receive the session. 

There is a body map that has been created to show exactly where specific negative emotions are held in the body.

The first phase deals with the past issues held in the back of the body, legs and feet. The right side is about how we react to others and the left mirrors how we judge ourselves. It is passive in that the client lays on their stomach on the ground on a mat with pillows for chest and ankle in soft comfortable clothing.

It is a combination of a trance state induction or creative visualization spoken by practitioner, soft music, and the dance of creation, a spiralling and infinity movement that is applied with the forearm and elbows to each part of the body that is being focused on at the time. We go through every part of the body realising the old thought forms or emotional blocks and ancoring a better way for the body to feel base on better choices and attitudes. The client is continued to breath deeply in through the nose and out of the mouth. The practitioner has spent time in the beginning of session doing a pre interview to zero in on current issues and to match words used in creative visualization are congruent with the client.

The second phase is shared on the front of the body and deals with emotions that have stopped you from going forward in new ways. Hawaiian Huna Kane helps you to understand that taking away emotional or physical symptoms, without having the soul growth can move symptoms deeper inside which can create bigger issues. So that is why when emotional symptoms are repressed in the body these tight masses of negative thought forms may begin blocking natural processes of a circulation, organ and glandular function.

After treatments, you will be experiencing a new flow of energy through your entire body. Your life begins to reflect an inner harmony.  More happiness, a better attitude, and a positive outlook come naturally. Troublesome relationships resolve or dissolve. A person's ultimate potential becomes reachable. The inner voice of truth is heard and is no longer muffled by the crying of a wounded soul.

The third phase is called High Altaring  or activation of pure Mana (or healing energy) into the body.  Clients report an incredible feeling of their heart opening, feeling grounded, in comfort and confident. Positive thought and energy levels go up dramatically and joy and clarity are the result. With the past fully resolved you can have the type of attitude and feelings deep inside that support your greatest experience of being alive.

Higher Self Alignment is shared at the end of every session, to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain to stop using all your energy coping with internal conflicts. Higher self Alignment helps to feel more balanced.




Where did Huna Kane come from??

The knowledge of Huna Kane - Hawaiian Healing Arts has resurfaced after many years of remaining in obscurity. It was hidden in the hearts and minds of the last descendants of Hawaiian Kahunas on the Big Island. 

They passed it down by word of mouth for centuries until the 1900's when it became forbidden to teach after foreigners arrived on Hawaiian shores and made it illegal to teach Hawaiian Healing Arts, sing chants, dance hula or even speak Hawaiian. This law was repealed finally.

 George Naope is famous on the Big Isle for re-establishing traditional ancient Hawaiian Hula and ancient spiritual chanting back into the public eye. He trained many dancers and chanters. George is personally responsible for inspiring the Merry Monarch Festival held in Hilo Hawaii every spring. George's most famous thing to say was, 


The knowledge of Huna Kane came directly from the mother and grandmother of George Naope. They would teach him the ancient chants, healing arts, and forbidden language in the middle of the night. George said they would whisper to him while he slept. When he woke he would just know things he did not know the night before. He shared the healing art portion of what he learned with only a few people before his death. I was one of the very fortunate ones to be blessed with this direct line of wisdom from Hawaiian ancestors.

Between 1991-1995 I visited George's home on many occasions. I moved to Canada and trained 30 students. Upon returning, I continued to visit him with my students and listen to his wise words between 1998-2002 . His presence alone was wonderful. He was always very clear that Huna Kane was a healing art used by his ancestors to restore emotional balance and develop wisdom. More well known healing treatments such as Lomi lomi (massage), Ho'o pono pono, (right action) and Kahuna La'au Lapa'au (herbal remedies) are similar to Huna Kane. 

What makes Huna Kane so profound is the use of a powerful ancient hula, spiritual chants and wording that raises consciousness. Huna Kane puts it all together in a wonderfully complete package. 

This is an exciting time to be alive.

George Naope worked specifically with Sandra Michael and Tad James in the beginning. They went on to teach to others. I was honored to work directly with George near the end of his life. 

I would also like to thank Sandra Michael, (my primary teacher and mentor),  Tad James, (John Tozeland's teacher) Serge King, Uncle Brey, Aunty Margeret Machado (Lomi Lomi Master) Auntie Mary ( who gave Lomi Lomi sessions even though she had polio), Aunty Emma (who worked with drug addicted teens at risk), Aunty Morna Simeona (who went to the United Nations with Ho'o' ponopono in 1950's), I' Haleakala (my primary teacher who still offers very important trainings offered all over the world in exact teachings of Morna in personal Ho'o' ponopono. His trainings can be found at "Foundation of I", Offices are in Oahu, and classes are taught in Maui on the Big Island.) Although I do not teach the classes of foundation of I specifically, I have practiced the meditations and philosophy since 2001 and have derived tremendous benefit from it. I always encourage all my students and friends to take their courses. 


I would also like to thank all those other keepers of wisdom not mentioned here yet for their parts in keeping the knowledge of ancient Hawaii alive. Please contact us if you have a peice about Hawaiian ancient Helaing arts that you would like to add to our training for the next generation or you have some questions about the authenticity of this training program.  Scholarships are avaialable for those inspired but need financial support. You can become a gifting angel for these students.





You create your own reality.

You create your personal experience of reality. You create it through your beliefs, expectations, attitudes, desires, fears, judgements, interpretations, feelings, intentions, and insistent or persisitent thoughts.



You get what you focus on.

The thoughts and feeling you dwell on, in full awareness or not, form the blueprint for bringing into your life the nearest available equivalent experience to those same thoughts and feelings. 




There are no bounderies to your self hood, your body, and the word, or you and divinity.  Any divisions used for discussion are terms of function.  Separateness is only a useful illusion.


Your moment of power is NOW. You are not bound by any experience aof past or any perception of the future. You have the power in the present moment to change limiting beliefs. As you change your mind, you change your experience




Become a HUNA KANE practitioner

Level I

Home study course

In person starts March3-11 2017

 9 day intensive in Oahu

Level I

Huna Kane

Also available as a Home study course

120 hour program for Level I certificate. Certified Huna Kane graduates will be able to incorporate these concepts into a very successful professional practice.  

Level I &  II

in person on Oahu

Huna Kane 

Level II

 Transformational HypnotherapyOnline home study course 

Both levels required to attend Huna Kane Advanced High Altaring Level III.

Also taught in three month format over the weekends April, May & June 2017

Level III




Priciples of 


Working with groups and on stage

Mastermind group


60 hour advanced online program for those who want to develop highly effective skills in spiritual healing.  Build your practice and become a contributor to the collective well being, while being supported and mentored every step of the way.

Body Mapping


The first session deals with the past issues held in the back of the body, legs and feet. The right side expresses how we have reacted to others and the left deals with how we have taken things personally. The past must first be cleared and the lessons learned before going forward differently.

What we have found is that most people can't change behaviours until they resolve the old beliefs and choose another belief tha suits them better. What is important to remember is that everyone makes the best decisions they can at the time that they make the decision.


Where we go wrong is using the same judgment or decision long after you have grown up and matured and can actually feel and think differently. The old beliefs had served them in the past but that was then and this is now, and now how do you want to feel?

The second session is shared on the front of the body. Its purpose is to release ideas that have stopped people from going forward. 

During subsequennt sessions, more specific issues are able to reslove. More complex or layered belief systems get dismantled.


By understanding how to go forward in a new way new ideas and fealings  begin to affect the organs and glands in a positive way. People have recorded  experiences of a new flow of energy through their entire body. Their body becomes pain free, more limber. Illnesses process through to resolution easier.


If there is some serious condition, the person is more open to get the help they need and make the changes to diet and habits that are more appropriate for them as a mature wise human. A person's life begins to reflect that inner harmony.


More happiness, a better attutude, and a positive outlook come naturally. Troublesome relationships resolve or dissolve. A person's ultimate potential becomes reachable. The inner voice of truth is heard no longer muffled by the crying of a wounded soul.



Huna - “That which is hidden or not obvious. What is deep within self or an inner knowingness.”

Kane – “ The spiritual Essence and source of wisdom for the individual soul, higher self, greater self, or super conscious mind.”

© 1992

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