Light Body Activation


Massage Therapist Program

starts July 20, 2019

Light Body Activation Massage Intensive. $999 Starts :

July 20, 2019

You can select 2 options below of Level I: 

1. 2 or 3 Saturdays a month for 3 months Starts July 20, 2019

2. 10 consecutive day training Certificate at end. July 20 - 31 2019 9am-6pm daily

(No class on Sunday July 21 & 28)

Graduate students will have the opportunity to be part of the staff at

Light Body Activation Retreats in Nature 







2 HOUR SESSIONS ($550 value)




 if you register before May 6th this for Therapist Intensive Program......WE WILL GIVE YOU THE Attunement Program included free of charge

For 10 day intensives, if you do not live on island, we will plan to give you all Attunements during program. If you do live here, you can just drop into any of them at your leisure

Level I certificate. 

Light Body Activation Intensive - (For massage therapists) 3 Levels offered

 Emotionally Healing massages  rejuvenate the muscles and organs of the physical body

Become proficient sharing this new, highly accelerated emotional healing massage treatment. Your certification will catapult your effectiveness and success. If you love giving massages and want to offer a more advanced, expert approach, this is perfect for you. Take your sessions to the next level. Dramatically develop your abilities. Learn how to intuitively blend many elements into each session. Make your sessions uniquely your own.

Program includes: 

1. Sacred Waters of Life Body Mapping - Physically releases emotional traumatic memories from muscles and glands of your clients

2. Brain Balancing  - Spine and Neck Alignment (head & heart as one)

3. “Light Body” Activation   - “High Altering” or Ascension Experience

Incorporate these concepts into a very successful professional practice. 
You will experience and learn to expertly share Light Body Activation that was handed down to Nicolette in Emotional Healing she attended on the Big Island of Hawaii  from 1991-1996. She gave sessions and taught students for over 20 years after that. She is retired now and Nicolette wants to share it with as many people as possible before she retire.
Her students will have the opportunity of giving sessions in retreats locally in fall 2019 and many retreats slated for 2020. She is also wanting to have her students start to become teachers at her retreats and to help students build up their clientele by helping those who are new at healing work can really succeed. 
Body of Light treatments are multiple layers of transformational therapeutic treatments all in one session.
  • Attunements for inner connection for soul growth

  • Learn the dance of creation for spiritual connection

  • Learn how to add breathing patterns to many different session to give you more options in what you offer

  • Higher Self Alignment Process balances the male and female side of body and mind

  • Body Mapping Treatments release old patterns and anchors new ones for back and front of body

Massage therapy training is great to have for this class, but not required if you have an affinity to massage

You must be interested in giving full body sessions

During class you will give and recieve many full body sessions

Many classes will be taught out in nature when weather permits.

Please set up an hour consultation below to go over details of training, answer your questions and see if this training is a fit for your needs. 

Food and accommodation not included.
Please book hotels or airbnb near Kapiolani Park in Waikiki.
Class room is in Aina Haina near Hawaii Kai. However, we will be meeting at local beaches too. Time from Kapiolani Park to class  is 15 minutes along ocean and Diamond Head Light House and goes by Kahala Mall.


   10 Apprenticeship hours - sessions you share with supervision & guidance by Appt with teacher

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 I want to make all appointments  for you personally

  1. Text  me at 808-228-1969

  2. Mention your interest, your name, email, and what days and times are best for you.

  3.  I will text back time good for me to confirm with you before booking. 

  4. Then I will email you a reminder message

  5. You can call too and leave a message. 

  6. (48 hour cancellation notice required)

  7. I will also set up a 20 minute question  and answer session for you before you book

    Email me at :