30-minute Psychic Reading  $49

Before your appointment spend some time writing down your specific question. The more detailed the question, the clearer the answer will be.  I will call you at our appointment time. Tell me your question and talk about it for a while then I will be able to give you a clear and deeply powerful answer based on your best and highest interest. We will finish by supporting you to tap into your own deep source of wisdom that you can trust.

One Hour

Long distance Reiki Healing $89

We start with a 20 minute consultation on the phone so I get to know about your personal situation emotionally and physically. Then we start the Reiki Long distance healing either as you sit there now or at a later time when you can sit and be still. The Reiki healing is about 30-45 minutes. You will be aware the time I will be doing the healing for you. After I can either text you information I may receive for you or we can take a few minutes to talk on the phone again.

2 hour Transformational Hypnotherapy session      $179

This powerful session helps you to tap into your higher self with the logical mind and  the emotional mind. It is a great way to rewrite old mental scripts, develop new strategies to implement, and release old trauma so you are able to to have the emotional charge that has held you back from rising above the issues that have been holding you back. 

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 I want to make all appointments  for you personally

  1. Text  me at 808-228-1969

  2. Mention your interest, your name, email, and what days and times are best for you.

  3.  I will text back time good for me to confirm with you before booking. 

  4. Then I will email you a reminder message

  5. You can call too and leave a message. 

  6. (48 hour cancellation notice required)

  7. I will also set up a 20 minute question  and answer session for you before you book

    Email me at :      nicolettevon@gmail.com