Vision Quest Instructions

for preparation and 

What to bring

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Congratulations on deciding to join us for the Fire to the Phoenix Vision Quest
Below is a list of things you may want to bring and what you want to plan for. 
You will be able to stop at stores to purchase anything you have forgotten or wanted to wait to buy in Hawaii. 

Also please let us know by email or phone if you or a member of your immediate family is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction so we are aware of the situation. 
For everyone coming to event: 
(let us know if you wish to rent things such as snorkel gear,

We suggest possibilities of things you may want to have with you but even if you do not have many things, we will have time during week for you to supply yourself at farmers markets and store visits. But just in case you have some things you want to bring, please feel free to do so. This is just general suggestions and not required.
1. White Sage or favorite incense
2. Small Crystals or sacred objects you love (for ceremony and must fit in your day backpack)
3. A give away possession to help release the past (up to you if you do this. Can be old jewelry, an object from your past etc.)

Also you can bring some small gifts to give to participants who have impressed you or helped you in some way

4. Art supplies for your medicine sheild ( leather, cloth, thread and needles, paint, brushes, beads, feathers, hoop, personal objects) We will have hoops available and materials too but want you to be informed beforehand so if you want to bring anything special, you can.  
You will be bringing your sheild home with you or you can mail it home. 

5. Dried fruit or nuts for ceremony
6.Small umbrella (collapsable is best)
7. Small thin blanket ( airline blanket) or pareau, sarrong, or pretty cloth to lay out all your objects for your vision quest. 
8. Matches or lighter
Special book you can write in ( we will have small paper books too but if you want to bring a special one with a binding, please do so)
1. Walking shoes or boots for hiking which may have sharp and jagged rocks.
2. Sandals and or slippers for general use on beach
3. At least 2 Swim suits (as 1 will be wet and you will want a dry one sometimes)
4. 1 snorkel, 1 mask and 1 set fins (can be rented in Oahu)
5. UV protection sunscreen okayed for Hawaii and uv protection Sunglasses ( a must have)
6. Hat such as baseball cap, visor, or large brimmed hat for sun protection
7. Rain jacket ( small & easy to carry in back pack. You may or may not need for small      amounts of time.) Hawaii is known for small rain storms that only last 5 minutes.
8. Water bottle for drinking water only (Yeti, or other that keeps your liquid cold is perfect)
9. Small bright flashlight and extra batteries. (Don't count on your cell phone please)
10. Small day use back pack
11. 3 hand towels. We will have large towels at site 
12. Personal toiletries including small bottle of mosquito repellent if needed. 
13. Shorts, long stretchy comfortable pants, dress up outfit for last day, at least 3 pairs of socks, tank tops or short sleeved shirts, at least one larger, cool cotton long sleeve shirt to cover from sun or wind, 1 sweater for night time excursions. 

FYI 100% Polyester clothing is very uncomfortable in tropics. Cotton, rayon, or silk is best. 
Evenings can be cool especially if you are a bit sun burned. We will do our best to keep you from getting burned, but sometimes you may still be a bit cool so please bring layed clothing when we go on our excursions. We will be going from sea level to mountain tops on a few excursions so you will need to be prepared. 

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 I want to make all appointments  for you personally

  1. Text  me at 808-228-1969

  2. Mention your interest, your name, email, and what days and times are best for you.

  3.  I will text back time good for me to confirm with you before booking. 

  4. Then I will email you a reminder message

  5. You can call too and leave a message. 

  6. (48 hour cancellation notice required)

  7. I will also set up a 20 minute question  and answer session for you before you book

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