Fall program 2 Saturdays each month. Advance your healing abilities to expert level. Included in training: 5 hour Apprenticeship, online meetings for questions and community interaction. Certificates upon Graduation.



1. Accelerated Mastery Level- Ascended Masters Attunement Program - 1 Saturday a month. (no classes in December)

Activate Your Own:

   Intuition * Clairvoyance * Healer’s Hands * Empathic Abilities * Confidence

You will gain confidence about what you feel, know, see, and hear deep inside

Experience first hand why Ancient Symbol Systems have been used to amplify the hands of healers and helpers for centuries.

You will receive an emotional healing during class. As you begin to practice at home, your intuition will dramatically develop.

You will learn how to use 3 different types of ancient healing symbol systems followed by in class practice and guidance throughout months.

Even if you have used a symbol system in the past, this new accelerated way of sharing will be exciting and expand your understanding and practical use.

Woman hands praying for blessing from go

Beginning Attunement Class - Saturday 9 am-5 pm 2019

Learn how to use the intuitive power of your mind to help yourself or to help others. Explore basic techniques, symbol system, and theory. Learn why Reiki works. 

 Enhance and strengthen your clairvoyant abilities. How to start using  Reiki in sessions for others, and in conjunction with other therapies or treatments. Practice in class with other students. Get comfortable using Reiki in everyday ways. Distance Reiki Healing



Advanced Class 3 &4 -  9am-6 pm on a Saturday Develop high level of expertise with your clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathic, and empathic abilities  and help others do the same.  How to Use Attunements as a professional therapist.  Learn how to do long distance healing, receive advanced Reiki symbols for specific needs of clients. Develop your confidence in your talent and gifts                                                                                               

October 12

October 19

Kofutu 1 & 2 

Spiritual Healing symbol system that activates alignment with ascended masters for best and highest interest for the spiritual growth of the individual.This training is very rare in Honolulu and we hope to draw an wide variety of healers and leaders to learn this alignment to spiritual growth.

November 9 &16

Lemurian symbol system 1 & 2

This symbol system was used in ancient Polynesian cultures to invoke the help of ancient beings of light to make decisions, create harmony in communications and help resolve difficult situations in mental wellness  and health

January 11 & 25
Blue Hummingbird



Bring something for Potluck Vegetarian lunch 

Certificate of Achievement available at end of class 

Please bring a pendulum and a small clear quartz crystal 2-4" long if you have one. May purchase one at class or borrow one.

Lunch is potluck, so bring a small item to share or your own lunch to eat. Drinks available. 


5 day notice required to cancel for refund.

Please wear soft comfortable clothing, your choice of incense and a purple & white candle if you can. Not required but appreciated.

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  3.  I will text back time good for me to confirm with you before booking. 

  4. Then I will email you a reminder message

  5. You can call too and leave a message. 

  6. (48 hour cancellation notice required)

  7. I will also set up a 20 minute question  and answer session for you before you book

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