Why it is time to remember how powerful you are now

Gail Thackaray will be joining Nicolette in the Hawaiian Islands to offer a whole kind of retreat!





Our passion is helping people open up spiritually to connect to their inner self and align with Source.


This happens differently for each person depending on what makes them “tick” and what resonates with them on a spiritual level.


May 10-13

Wednesday- Saturday

5 day Nature Retreat (Beautiful Private Home near ocean with food provided so you can focus)

During this retreat in May 2017, Gail and Nicolette will focus on helping you fully clear issues holding you back from your specific emotional past, relationship problems, physical health challenges, and financial abundance issues so you can be easily more successful in your business products and services you offer to others.

You will learn: How to develop and accelerate your purpose so you can fulfill your destiny.

This is a great retreat for entrepreneurs who want to manifest something really wonderful as soon as possible.

This training will be the deepest and newest information for returning students in Advanced Reiki and so much more with Gail.

You will also be introduced to the Hawaiian Healing Art called HUNA KANE (inner knowing of the higher

self) for your own emotional healing experience.

You will learn the powerful way to amplify the aloha spirit into every aspect of your life and come away laughing and refreshed from this training. You will receive bodywork during the retreat that creates incredible comfort and relaxation.

You will learn simple easy ways how to add a new focus and clarity to your private practice and/or for any type service or product you offer. 

One entire day will be devoted to clearing any thing in the way of you receiving more money, love or health that seems to elude you now and is becoming an issue for you and you are ready to clear it and heal it.

You will receive the help and support of two talented and gifted experts in healing arts including private sessions with both.

Call or text Nicolette at 808-228-1969 to book a free one hour breakthrough session to explore if this retreat is a fit for you. You can also leave your info below and we will contact you.

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