Accelerated Ascended Masters Attunement Program
Oct 12, 2019, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Training classroom,
5237 Liwai St, Honolulu, HI 96821, USA

Women's Empowerment Mastermind Program

     February  18                           9am-5pm 

Location: 5237 Liwai Street, Honolulu, HI 96821.


In Aina Haina Subdivision. Turn up west Hind street, turn up Kiholo street, 2nd street on left is Liwai street.


Park on street and walk...  3/4 of way down on left. Banana trees in yard


Park on street and walk up driveway. 

House has Large bananas, plumeria trees and a large tiare tahiti (star gardenia tree). Walk into carport and into back of house. 

Bring something to share for lunch and a water bottle. Potluck style. 

Bring a small food dish to share and a small gift if you wish to offer it to a woman in the group you really appreciated. Not required. Donations instead of bringing food is appreciated

This amazing day will be filled with powerful Shamanic Healing processes in an interactive, highly professional program that will transform your potential in to reality 

.... Have a Thriving Love Life  ....

.... Be Happy and Confident....

.... Practice an Abundance Attitude ....  


 Find yourself spinning your wheels and feel reluctant to follow your dreams?

Until these 3 biggies are handled, we spin our wheels and feel reluctant to put energy into higher thought, creative projects or being an entrepreneur!  


Want to Conquer what holds you back?

To be inspired and have energy to live our best life, we must handle these three things first!


 How to have a Thriving Love Life

We will take a deep and healing look at how and why we treat the men we love the way we do and how to heal pain and suffering from past loves so you can feel pure love again.  You will learn a powerful communication model that will help you talk to a man in a way he will understand you and appreciate what you have to say. The goal of this day is to walk away with powerful new love insights and communication tools you can put to use immediately to improve your love life. 


 How to be Happy and Confident

If you wish you had more self confidence or you feel reluctant to do what you know will bring you success, it is time to take a day to heal the past mistakes, experience forgiveness learn from valuable insights and have an attitude adjustment about yourself and your life. We will do many powerful processes to go deeply inside so you can learn to trust your inner voice again. You will be supported and cared for by a room of similar women who will understand you and can love you the way you are. You will leave with the ability to see yourself in a much more enlightened and happy way. We will also clear and help you heal old painful relationships and self-doubt that have held you back. You will learn a "wake up productive" process that will set you up for success for the rest of your life. 

  How to Practice an Abundance Attitude

If you feel like you always struggle with money issues or have a hard time making enough money, you may be suffering from a broken abundance attitude. It can come in many forms but primarily, it can be very unconscious beliefs you have running in the background of your mind. These negative impulses can stop you from receiving more abundance subliminally.  These decisions, and beliefs can be so engrained you don't even notice them until you check your bank account. We will find and root out deep-seated ideas about lack that you have. Then you will have the room inside yourself to plant new seeds and nurture a fresh garden of happiness, success and money just as you truly deserve. No matter how much money and wealth you have, if you want more, then this experience is for you


Investment   $74 per brunch paid day of event

 Includes Workbook, Journal  - Gourmet Sunday Brunch Buffet at noon’

Introductory offer!  This entire day of training Free if you register on line on this page at top. 

Bring: soft loose comfortable shorts/pants, and shirt, yoga mat (if you have one), pillow, small blanket, towel, swim suit, & pareau.

Entire day filled will inspiring processes for the development of your personal power while feeling supported and able to enjoy each other's company.

 Bonus! We are also going to have some fun, learn valuable tools and meet and get to be friends with like minded women in the community. 

Bring a small food dish to share and a small gift if you wish to offer it to a woman in the group you really appreciated. Not required. Donations instead of bringing food is appreciated.

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